About us

We are passionate about the purity

The Healthy Way

We are a company passionate about the purity of essential oils that exist in nature, because we know that these essential oils are where the natural organoleptic compounds capable of causing different positive reactions in the human body can be found, thus affecting their physical and emotional well-being.

Our History

MayanOils® is a Mexican company dedicated to marketing 100% pure and natural essential oils, and was born from a group of partners and its sister company Darmex®, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the distillation of essential oils, their characterization and composition. chemistry, and its commercialization in the European and North American markets.

At Darmex® we specialize in the distillation of essential oils from endemic plants of Mexico, which date back to pre-Hispanic times in Mexico, plants widely known in Mexican traditions and culture such as the famous aphrodisiac Damiana ( Turnera diffusa >, the great antiseptic and delicious Mexican Oregano ( Lippia graveolens ), the mystical and spiritual Copal Santo ( Bursera copallifera ), the only one coveted by the French perfumery Linaloe Berry (Bursera linanoe ), and the legendary Allspice ( Pimenta officinalis ) with its mixture of notes of cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg, all 100% Mexican and unique in the world.

An infinity of information has been found since the time of the Conquest of Mexico where the Spaniards who arrived in our country were amazed by the medicinal and therapeutic properties of said endemic plants that were used by the natives, recognizing us as a culture with great knowledge in herbalism.

This is how hundreds of years later and thanks to our extensive study on the therapeutic properties of each endemic plant through exhaustive field investigations and analytical characterization of our Mexican essential oils, at MayanOils® we offer unique quality and purity in the market.

MayanOils® we are passionate about always offering quality products that are also endemic to other countries in the world, such as Lavender flower essential oil ( Lavanda officinalis ) from beautiful Bulgaria or Zeylon Cinnamon bark essential oil ( Cinnamomun zeylanicum ) from the exotic island of Sri Lanka, to mention some of the essential oils in our extensive catalog.

Each of our essential oils also has analysis by means of Gas Chromatography carried out in the CIATEJ-CONACYT unit , government institutions of the highest prestige that have the necessary laboratory equipment to carry out these tests and to guarantee the quality and purity of all our essential oils.

Our Values

Quality and trust
All our products, both Mexican and from other parts of the world, are made with ancestral techniques in herbalism, resulting in certified quality and confidence when using them.

Customer service
We are convinced that the customer is essential. We are committed to providing a service that exceeds your expectations.

We are clear with our internal and external products and services.

We work together. The sum of efforts gives excellent results.

We know what we want, we fight every day to improve what we offer.

Ecological responsibility
We take care of the environment and our collaborators. Our processes help

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