We know, it is inevitable not to overeat during the end of the year holidays; a pleasure for which there is no need to feel an iota of guilt. However, since the festivities season is over, it is time to give our bodies a rest by resuming a healthy and balanced diet complemented with physical activity. But, of course, as after a period of indulgence the restart is complicated, we will need a little support, which we can find in MayanOils® Grapefruit oil .

Anyone who has a balanced diet knows that one of the key ingredients in fruit consumption is grapefruit. It is not a whim of nutritionists or one of the many myths about miracle foods. This citrus fruit has proven properties to help us maintain our ideal weight thanks to the fact that it works as a diuretic since its high content of potassium and enzymes helps us eliminate the fat that we do not need. But in addition to the benefits it provides when ingested, grapefruit has other ways of reaching our body and this is where it comes into play in essential oil.

How to use Grapefruit oil

MayanOils® to resume your good habits

Used in an aromatherapy diffuser, Grapefruit essential oil helps reduce anxiety , thereby eliminating hunger caused by stress. In addition, it is an energizing aroma that creates a conducive environment for us to exercise at home. And here is another wonderful use of this oil and that is that before exercising you can give a light massage in the areas where you want to reduce more fat and the grapefruit will act topically. Of course, it is important that these massages are performed at night or on days when there is no contact with the sun, since there is a risk of staining the skin. Take this precaution both in self-application and when applying this essential oil in a reductive massage in a spa.

Although the two previous forms of use are comfortable and pleasant, if you are looking for a third option you can use this oil to give your fresh waters more flavor . Just add a couple of drops to a liter of plain water and enjoy the aroma and flavor of this fruit or integrate it into flavored waters such as pineapple or lemon (both fruits are also very good for weight reduction). When ingested in this way, the oil will act in the way that the fruit does, making use of its antioxidants to eliminate the fat we do not need and to help us have a positive and stable state of mind, which is the key to have a healthy appetite and not indulge in excesses that are not driven by hunger but by anxiety.

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