There are essential oils very famous for their qualities, in general those that are most commonly used such as lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus. But of all the variety that there is of them, little is said about Mandarin essential oil that, of course, is part of the MayanOils® catalog.

To start talking about this oil is to list a lot of surprising benefits. And it is that the fact that he is not as popular as his counterparts makes us wonder why he was not part of our daily lives. For example, it is normal that when we want to relax we turn directly to lavender without even considering mandarin. If you like the aroma of this citrus, good news: its essential oil used in aromatherapy also reduces stress . And a little more than that because it helps the nerves rest from the alert state caused by anxiety and reduces the episodes of hyperactivity while improving our mood and injecting us with extra energy, which is why the suggestion of MayanOils® is to use it for the mornings. This can be done while we spend a few moments meditating, practicing yoga or simply starting our day with a good attitude and calm both in body and mind.

Other applications of Mandarin essential oil from MayanOils® that you will love

Although producing relaxation is already a great benefit, mandarin oil has more benefits to provide us. Topically, applied with light massages, it helps reduce cellulite . It also helps to tighten the tissues of mature skin, particularly the face, although this application should be done at night or when there is no sun exposure to avoid the possibility of staining the skin. These topical uses should be done by combining a drop of our Mandarin essential oil with 10 ml of a carrier oil, which, in this case, could be coconut or jojoba.

Since it is an antiseptic, bactericidal and wonderful oil to promote skin regeneration and combat acne and excess oil, another practical use that we can give it is in homemade soaps or creams and of which we have already shared recipes in this blog. In this way, it will also be part of our daily routine and will make us have a good time in the shower thanks to its aroma that always evokes a mixture of freshness and warmth. Without a doubt the best feeling to start the day.

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